Oct 31, 2012

Undas and Days of the Dead Around the World

A typical scene at a cemetery during Undas
As we gear up for the long weekend that November 1 and 2 or Undas brings each year, we got around to asking each other at the office whether there are versions of this in other parts of the world. It's an interesting topic of conversation as taking two whole days to pay respect to our loved ones who have passed away, is not your typical national holiday.

We know that November 1 and 2 in the Philippines means spending a day at the cemetery with relatives to pay our respect to those who have gone on before us. Aside from prayers, fellowship, and the ever Pinoy kainan, Undas is a distinctly Filipino tradition that seems like no other in the world. But after some simple researching on Google, we found that in the other parts of the world there are similar celebrations that are meant to honor the dead as well.

From Los Dias de los Muertos in Mexico, to how Ecuadorian's celebrate November 1 and 2 seated near the graves of their dearly departed. It's interesting to see that the ways people all over the world celebrate their versions of Undas. This article from Huffington Post shows how "Day of the Dead" all over the world is celebrated. It was published last year, but if you're interested to find out more, the pictures are a bit scary, but very fascinating.

Wishing everyone a meaningful long weekend ahead!

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