May 28, 2012

Tondo gets a new Library

In our job, satisfaction comes when people thank us with huge grins and grateful hearts. And when it happened, a tiny smile amped by sparkling eyes would spread around our faces, the most genuine smiles I could manage. Listening to the librarian of Lapu-lapu ES, Mrs. Beraquit, stories of parents helping out, janitors staying the night and even the principal's husband painting the room until dark, makes me not only happy but proud. Perhaps what she hasn't realized is that she has concretized what it is that AHON really wants, making the people  realize that they have the power to do things, if only they refused to be daunted by seemingly scarce resources and poverty.

The one-month refurbishment challenge is an ingenious invention. It makes the lesson stick, not by preaching but by prompting people, to action. Furthermore, sinasala rin nito kung sino ang karapat-dapat bigyan ng karampatang tulong, silang nakahandang magtrabaho para sa progreso. And Lapu-lapu ES, a public elementary school from the indigent community of Tondo, is more than willing!

Congratulations to Mrs. Marilou Calma, the neophyte principal of Lapu-lapu ES, by successfully mobilizing her teachers and parents to work together successfully! Kudos!

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May 18, 2012

AHON donates books at Mindanao

Distance never hinders AHON Foundation from helping our countrymen! We donated brand-new books to two lucky schools in Mindanao, Dongon Elementary School and Parang Central Elementary School.

"Thank you so much! This is the first time we have ever seen this kind of books", enthuses the teary-eyed teachers who had received the books.

We thank Mr. Ariel Rodriguez for helping us in bringing the books to the community! Also, we would like to thank our Filway Marketing branch in Davao. Together with you, we had been instruments of change! Kudos to all of us! :)

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May 10, 2012

New library for QC

The year of the water dragon promised to be a year full of blessings. AHON Foundation started the year right by opening its 55th adopted public elementary school library at Kamuning Elementary School in Quezon city last January 16, 2012.

As a foundation dedicated towards becoming the leading advocate of educate, AHON is committed to empower local communities in developing public school libraries to increase the school children's literacy rate. Working together, nothing is impossible!

Congratulations to the parents, students, Ms. Gerlan Gania and Mrs. Thelma Co for being an active partner in developing your library!

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New books for Sagad ES

"What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it thinks about education"

Macquarie Group, a global provider of banking, financial, advisory, investment and funds management services, partners with AHON Foundation in developing yet another public elementary school library in Pasig. For two saturdays, MacQuarie employees came to Sagad Elementary School, a one-building school with more than a thousand students, to help the teachers and parents  on painting the walls, building new bookshelves, and designing the library.

The new library was inaugurated last August 20, 2011. Kudos to Ms. Editha Tolop and her hardworking faculty members. We give our utmost thanks to Macquarie Group as well!

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May 9, 2012

So. Leyte says thank you!

A tiny Grade 2 student from the mountain barangay of Lonoy, Maasin, Southern Leyte courageously recites a poem with tears from the pressure of trying to make it a perfect recitation. What a great recitation!

"Mapasalamaton mi og dako kay bisan og nia mi sa bukid, inyo gyud ming gianhi aron ihatos ang mga libro nga inyong gi grasya kanamo. [Our gratitude is overflowing because despite the fact that we are here in the mountains, you made your way here to bring the books and graces]", said an ecstatic Celestino Laraga of Lonoy, Southern Leyte.

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Bringing hope at Leyte

In a place cradled by nature and surrounded by undulating waves, Southern Leyte looks just like the place of tranquility that is yet to be tainted by civilization. Unfortunately, the same picturesque mountains serve as a double-edged sword for its people as it also prevents the coming of basic services to the place.

With the recommendation of Marisa Lerias and her mother, former Gov. Rossette Lerias, both members of Kaya Natin! Movement, AHON Foundation crossed the seas to bring books and to open five new libraries in four municipalities of the province of Southern Leyte, serving more than 6,000 school children.

Undermanned and underfunded, the five schools do what they can to improve their student's literacy skills. AHON served as a beacon of hope for the educators with the books we brought, igniting ingenuity and flaring up resourcefulness. Last August 29 and 30, AHON delivered the hardbound, quality and interactive Time Life reference books worth Php500,000 each to the schools (2.5 million for the 5 schools).

Congratulations and we salute the hardwork and resourcefulness of our teachers in Southern Leyte! Mabuhay po kayong lahat.

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New library at Mines

The true measure of good education is when our students finally learn how to learn for themselves, even without the teacher's supervision. For this, a functional and well-equipped library is a must.

This was what Reynaldo F. San Diego, officer-in-charge on overseeing libraries of the Department of Education has said, echoing the belief of the educators present during the inauguration of Mines Elementary School library last Aug. 9.

Months shy from AHON Foundation's sixth year anniversary, Mines Elementary School is the foundation's 47th adopted library. A day before, AHON also opened its 46th library at Francisco Legaspi Memorial Elementary School.

Congratulations Mines Elementary School and Francisco Legaspi Memorial Elementary! Kudos to Mrs. Vernalisa Libanan and Mr. Gregorio de los Santos for successfully mobilizing their community.

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New Libraries at Nueva Ecija

As the new school year kicked off,  AHON Foundation formally inaugurated four newly-refurbished public elementary school libraries in Nueva Ecija. This raises AHON's adopted public school libraries to 45 all over the country.

AHON is the corporate foundation of Filway Marketing, Inc, the exclusive Philippine distributor of Time Life books. Unlike other organizations that just gives away books, AHON works with the community towards helping upgrade their school libraries. Parent's associations help raise funds to buy tables and chairs while teacher's clubs do their own share by donating electric fans, etc. This makes the whole community co-owners of the new library, ensuring that they will do their share in taking care of it.

For instance, in an inauguration in Gapan City's Malimba Elementary School, the principal proudly shared how they were able to fix up their library despite limited resources. When they approached their barangay chairman, Alex Alejandria, for help, the chairman didn't have second thoughts about donating the paint for the library. This showed how much the barangay chairman prioritizes education in his community.

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May 8, 2012

AHON, Ateneo Rizal Library train librarians

Teachers also need to continually grow in their profession to be able to do their teaching duties efficiently and effectively. It is a good thing that there are organizations that help keep the flame of education alive.

Recently, AHON held a two-day basic librarianship training seminar in partnership with the Rizal Library of Ateneo de Manila University. The seminar trained public school teacher-librarians on the proper organization and management of information services and materials in their libraries.

Among the topics discussed were "The Working Library at Your School" and "Reading Promotion in School Libraries" where teacher-librarians are urged to promote books and reading to students. 

Thank you so much for all the support Mrs. Lourdes David and all your team from the Rizal Libary-Ateneo de Manila University!


Inspiring stories in public education

We have heard many sad stories about the current plight of our public education system, where out of 10 students, only four manage to finish high school and only two are able to finish a four-year college degree. Yet, there is also good news coming out in our public schools as more and more private institutions have committed to work together with the Department of Education in its effort to help improve access and quality of education for every Filipino child.

AHON continues to bring books to public schools, formally opening its 41st adopted school library at Project 6 Elementary School in Quezon city. This library will benefit more than 4,000 students in this school.

Through providing access to relevant learning opportunities, we are giving our public educational system a fighting edge. Good education can truly build a nation.

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Target partners with AHON for public schools

Target presented the grant to AHON Foundation representatives Mr. Harvey S. Keh and Ms. Valerie Valena and Ponciano Bernardo Elementary School principal Mrs. Maricris Santos-Suarez

Students joyfully flipped through their new books

Heralding the new year, AHON Foundation adopted yet another public school library that will benefit more than a thousand elementary school students. AHON inaugurated its 40th school library at Ponciano Bernardo Elementary School in Quezon city last January 19, 2011 to the delight of the schoolchildren, parents and faculty.

The new library was refurbished through the efforts of volunteers, teachers, parents and students. Colorful murals decorates the wall to entice students to spend time in the library reading and learning.

Target, one of the biggest retailing companies in the United States of America, share in the vision of AHON Foundation as it generously gave a grant of US$5,240, or approximately Php 225,000. Thank you so much Target!

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Early Christmas gift to public school for special children

Stakeholders are present during the formal opening of the library

Student read the newly-donated books while QC 3rd District Rep. Banal looks on

Gifts become even more significant when they last a lifetime and are geared towards the upliftment of the lives of a community or an individual. This is the kind of gift that AHON (Acts of Hope for the Nation) Foundation gives by helping build fully-functional libraries to public elementary schools all year round.

Batino Elementary School (BES) in Quezon city received an early Christmas gift with the opening of their newly-renovated library complete with Science, English, Mathematics and History reference books last Nov. 24. The 39th chosen beneficiary school of AHON Foundation caters not only to the mainstream children but also to kids with learning disabilities. BES struggles to provide quality education to children with special needs while promoting equal opportunities.

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Araw ng Pagbasa: Reading towards Nation-building

Ms. Santiago and the employees of Target Outsourcing Services conducted a storytelling sessions at Mines Elementary School (QC)

Volunteer storyteller Ms. Krz Lopez, of Ateneo Scholl of Government, enjoys her time with the kids

"One of the most fascinating and enriching things I have discovered when I was still young was learning how to read.", writes Herbel Santiago, a recent graduate of AB Literature in English from Ateneo de Manila University, currently the program officer of AHON Foundation. "Being able to read is indispensable in navigating our everyday lives--we read the signages on the road, at restaurants and shopping malls. We read instructions on how to cook the most delicious dishes, or to install the newest applications in our computers"

"But more than that, reading is a sublime activity that takes us beyond what we see in our physical surroundings. It inspires us to reach our goals and the seemingly unimaginable. In reading, ideas cease to become intangible. Abstract notions such as values, aspirations and creativity become concrete in the pages of our books"

Through Araw ng Pagbasa, a program initiated by the QC 3rd District Rep. Jorge "Bolet" Banal, we realize that reading is a strategic step towards nation-building and poverty alleviation. Rep. Banal says, "November 27 need not be another day in the calendar because it stands for both history and opportunity. We collectively look back and find lessons in what Ninoy has done. We also look ahead. For the youth, each story becomes a window to another way of seeing the world"

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May 7, 2012

Children of soldiers get new library

Even bad weather was not enough to dampen the spirits of Fort Aguinaldo Elementary School (FAES) as they welcomed the launching of their newly-refurbished library with much joy and enthusiasm last Nov. 10. As one of the teachers said, "The rain is but another blessing pouring unto us".

The newly-adopted library of the Acts of Hope for the Nation (AHON) Foundation is located at the heart of Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon city. This is the foundation's 38th adopted public elementary school library since it began as the corporate foundation of Filway Marketing, Inc in 2006. The students of the school are mostly children of our hard-working soldiers and military personnel who are tasked to even sacrifice their own lives for the sake of our country. 

If you believe in providing hope to every Filipino child, you can also partner with us in bringing more books and resources to public elementary school libraries all throughout the country. For more information, contact us at (+632) 433-1440.