Aug 31, 2012

Thank you for the Book Donations!

It was almost as though it rained books on us this week since for two days in a row we received book donations from two supporters of AHON Foundation!

Ms. Rosemary Jota contacted us a few weeks ago to ask what kind of books we accepted for our libraries. After a few days of back and forth correspondence we settled on a date to pick up her donation which was quite literally a whole car trunk's worth.
Ms. Jota says that while conducting general cleaning in the house she grew up she realized how much books they actually owned, and how these still could be put into good use. She donated several encyclopedia sets, stacks of general knowledge books, more than a couple of children's literature novels, and over a dozen story books.

The day after we picked up Ms. Jota's donation, Cid Jacobo, a long time volunteer of AHON foundation, dropped off a box worth of children's reference books. According to Cid these reference books were his favorite as a child, and he learned a lot from these in the past. He was even able to identify one specific book that he used to take with him everywhere when he was younger.
These books will find new homes in the three libraries that we are launching next week in Nueva Ecija. They will surely be utilized well in the new libraries of Entablado Elementary School in Cabiao, Sto. Cristo Elementary School in San Isidro, and Cuyapo Central School in Cuyapo.

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