May 28, 2012

Tondo gets a new Library

In our job, satisfaction comes when people thank us with huge grins and grateful hearts. And when it happened, a tiny smile amped by sparkling eyes would spread around our faces, the most genuine smiles I could manage. Listening to the librarian of Lapu-lapu ES, Mrs. Beraquit, stories of parents helping out, janitors staying the night and even the principal's husband painting the room until dark, makes me not only happy but proud. Perhaps what she hasn't realized is that she has concretized what it is that AHON really wants, making the people  realize that they have the power to do things, if only they refused to be daunted by seemingly scarce resources and poverty.

The one-month refurbishment challenge is an ingenious invention. It makes the lesson stick, not by preaching but by prompting people, to action. Furthermore, sinasala rin nito kung sino ang karapat-dapat bigyan ng karampatang tulong, silang nakahandang magtrabaho para sa progreso. And Lapu-lapu ES, a public elementary school from the indigent community of Tondo, is more than willing!

Congratulations to Mrs. Marilou Calma, the neophyte principal of Lapu-lapu ES, by successfully mobilizing her teachers and parents to work together successfully! Kudos!

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