May 8, 2012

Inspiring stories in public education

We have heard many sad stories about the current plight of our public education system, where out of 10 students, only four manage to finish high school and only two are able to finish a four-year college degree. Yet, there is also good news coming out in our public schools as more and more private institutions have committed to work together with the Department of Education in its effort to help improve access and quality of education for every Filipino child.

AHON continues to bring books to public schools, formally opening its 41st adopted school library at Project 6 Elementary School in Quezon city. This library will benefit more than 4,000 students in this school.

Through providing access to relevant learning opportunities, we are giving our public educational system a fighting edge. Good education can truly build a nation.

AHON accepts donations in kind and in cash, it is also constantly looking for volunteers and interns. For information, please call 433-1440 and check-out AHON Foundation on Facebook. 


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