Nov 12, 2007

A New Beginning for Batasan Hills Elementary School

A year ago, Batasan Hills Elementary School (BHES) had few resources to offer to its students. It suffered from lack of adequate classrooms and school facilities and its’ students academic performance was 3rd to the last among Quezon City’s public elementary schools. But today, Batasan Hills fortune has seemed to turn.

With an active school community led by BHES’ school officials and parents, and a supportive local government, the students now has much to look forward to. New classrooms are currently underway, student training has been intesified, and facilities have been upgraded. Of the latter, perhaps the most invaluable token BHES has received of late is a revived library filled with new books donated by AHON Foundation.

Launched last September 20, the inauguration of this new AHON adopted marked a new beginning for the students of BHES. The new library provides an opportunity for increased learning for the students. As Harvey Keh, Executive Director of AHON puts it,
"You (the students) may not necessarily be able to travel around the world to see all that there is. But through books, you may be able to experience and learn infinite things, and journey through time and space."

BHES may have been in need of much in the past but it has gained so much now. Its library has been transformed to an educational playpen as colorful tables and shelves fill the room with every nook and cranny lined with books. Indeed, learning has been made easy, accessible and enjoyable for the students of BHES. It is hoped that through BHES new library, students will be engaged more in the enriching process of reading and learning.

Batasan Hills Elem. School is the 6th adopted library of AHON Foundation. It is expeted to benefit more than 5000 students.

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