Nov 9, 2007


Neither strong wind nor rain can stop the GSIS Village community from building a library for their school.

The dedication of the teachers, parents and other community members of GSIS Village Elementary School (GSISVES) paved off as they launched their new library on September 13, 2007. Their library renovation project, which started during this school year’s stormiest season yet, gathered together members of GSISVES’ GPTCA, faculty, students and baranggay (Brgy. Sangandaan) to work together for a common cause. The community, led by principal Dr. Lourdes Abalos, worked through holidays, class suspensions and weekends to finish their library. The result is a completely engaging library, lined with colorful shelves, new tables, and playful room decorations and toys donated by the GSISVES community.

In his message to the community, Mr. Maghacot stressed to the students the vital role of reading. He cites knowledge gained from books as treasures that can empower the students to achieve more in life. He mentioned how fortunate the students of GSIS ES are for being beneficiaries of these treasures and for being surrounded by a community who values their well-being.

The inauguration, held at the GSISVES AVR was attended by Mr. Pacific Maghacot Jr. (Asst. City Administrator for General Affairs for QC) Atty. Vicki Luanzon (Special Asst. Sec to the Mayor), Dr. Meleda Polita (Dep-Ed QC Asst. District Superintendent), Mr. Hector O. Tagaysay (Chairman of AHON Foundation) and Mr. Lewis Edwards (Chairman of ABC Foundation)

GSISVES’s new library benefits more than 2000 students. It is AHON’s fifth adopted library and AHON’s first in Quezon City. AHON Foundation hopes to continue to open doors for learning for students as it stretches its reach to more cities and regions in the country.

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