Oct 18, 2012

Our Very First "THINKING WHILE READING" Seminar!

Over the Weekend, AHON Foundation in cooperation with our friends from Bagong Kulturang Pinoy Inc. (BKPI) conducted our very first "THINKING WHILE READING" seminar. This seminar, which is one of the newer seminar's conducted by BKPI, trains teachers in creative ways to teach reading skills to their students. The methods that participants learn here are alternative but informative and can still can be easily brought to their own classrooms.

Both BKPI and AHON Foundation possess the mission to promote a culture of reading in school children in the Philippines. So a partnership was formed on the agreement that BKPI would conduct a literacy skills teaching seminar for public school teachers from AHON Partner Schools around Metro Manila.

The two-day seminar was well attended by 30 public elementary school teachers who not only learned important skills when teaching their students to read, but also were given the chance to share with one another ideas that would build the culture of reading amongst their students. Ms. Mhea Ang See and Ms. Hazel Domingo Babiano, our ever energetic seminar facilitators from BKPI also created the perfect environment for teachers to learn and share with one another. 

Using a mixture of lectures, workshops, and dialogues, the teacher participants had dynamic discussions after every topic that was introduced to them. They learned about the concept of reading as a group activity, giving creative supplementary exercises to students after reading assignments, and the idea that reading is a process that also enhances the thinking skills of students when done properly.

At the end of two days the teachers not only learned new and important skills in teaching reading to their students but also rediscovered their enthusiasm to teach this to their students. Despite the fact that the culture of reading is not a prevalent one in the schools they teach at, they were confident that with the new creative methods they learned from AHON Foundation and BKPI’s first “Thinking While Reading Seminar fervor for reading would not be hard to plant within their students.

Congratulations to all our teacher participants!

AHON Foundation would like to express our deep and heartfelt thanks to our friends from Bagong Kulturang Pinoy Inc who facilitated this two day seminar. Find out more about them and the work they do by visiting their website. 

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