Jun 19, 2012

5 new schools in Ilocos Sur

Talented pupils did a great doxology to formally open the program.

Everyone hold hands to signal the 'bayanihan spirit'

Students enjoying their new books and libraries

Belonging to progressive non-profit organizations in the country, AHON Foundation mobilizes the entire community of parents, teachers and local officials in building the libraries. It empowers communities by letting them realize their important part in nation-building and by prompting people to action in a true bayanihan fashion. Serving as a proper incentive, AHON Foundation donates 2.5 million worth of quality, Time-life reference books in English, Math and the Sciences to the five schools.

Answering the challenge, the new libraries of Ambalayat Integrated School, Libtong Community School, Becques Community School, Pudoc West Integrated School and Tagudin Central School are formally opened in a true provincial festive manner. Thank you and congratulations!

AHON continues to promote active participation in nation-building and to bring children and books together. To support or donate, please visit https://www.facebook.com/ahonfoundation. You may also give us a call at (+632) 433-1440.

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