Jan 23, 2008

thank you!

we would like to thank the ff:

Asian Development Bank (courtesy of mr. jun de jesus)
Ms. Joyce Dy
Soundscope Marketing (courtesy of ms. joyce dy)
St. Augustine Publishing (courtesy of ms. joyce dy)


Avelina said...

i am a librarian, wish to join the foundation, on sharing my expertise on education through enhancing the knowledge resources ; accessing resources through world wide web and sourcing resources with a financially challenge information provider and preserving the resources for a longer used. I would like to share on partime bases, just to have an income to add with my salary. I'm available Saturday, Holiday and after office hour. Interested on travelling to different places for adventure and share the four wheels of librarians. Goodluck on your program.

Avelina said...

Hope I could join the foundation, most of all to the less privileges public schools.