Nov 12, 2007

For the Love of Reading

Though noticeably deficient in suitable tables, chairs and updated and well-conditioned books, students from Lucas Pascual Memorial Elementary School (LPMES) have always been eager to visiting their simple library. As Mrs. Balbanita Gomez (school librarian) reveals to AHON, “Kahit luma na, pinagtyatyagaan pa rin nila. Natutuwa na sila sa mga libro na meron dito.”

Such was the enthusiasm the students showed for reading that AHON Foundation decided to make LPMES its 8th adopted library. Initially, the task of developing LPMES’ library seemed daunting for the school’s humble community. They feared that reviving their library might entail much more resources that they can ever afford to raise. Fortunately, the community was able to prove itself wrong. Through the cooperation, innovation and hardwork exerted by volunteer parents and teachers, students of LPMES now enjoy a well-lit and colorful library furnished with the new books by donated by AHON Foundation.

The community’s resourcefulness proved vital in the transformation. Parents and volunteers alike worked everyday to refurbish old tables, chairs and shelves. Teachers and the school’s librarian used their creativity in decorating the room. The result is a library, completely evolved from its old state, that is conducive for reading and learning for the students.

“We are glad to witness the community come together to build this library,” affirms Mr. Hector Tagaysay, Chairman of AHON Foundation, during the library’s inauguration last Oct. 4. “To the students, we urge you to read these books that your parents and teachers have worked so hard for to bring to you. Huwag kayong matakot na maluma siya sa pagkagamit dahil sa ganung paraan naming makikita na minahal at pinahalagaan niyo ang mga aral at impormasyong nakuha niyo sa mga librong ito.” And indeed, it seemed the students appreciated their new books and their new library. Bright smiles lighted the room as the rustling of turned pages are heard during the library's opening.

Today, LPMES students no longer content themselves with a handful outdated books. They now enjoy good books whose information and stories can satisfy their eager young minds.

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