Dec 8, 2006

An Early Christmas Celebration for CES Pupils

A simple letter from a parent brought us to Concepcion Elementary School. His sincere desire to have good books for CES pupils showed us how much he values education. Upon our visit to the school, we learned that this passion is shared by members of the Concepcion Uno Community. Their thirst for knowledge inspired us to reach out to them and give them the opportunity they need.

All our efforts paid off when the CES library was successfully launched last November 14. The launching ceremony seemed like an early Christmas celebration as CES pupils admired the amazing transformation of their library. They eagerly picked up their new books and shared stories and lessons with their friends and classmates. The parents, teachers, and barangay officials who worked with us could not contain their excitement upon seeing the fruit of their labor.

Through AHON, the CES library received brand new reference materials from Filway Marketing Inc., the exclusive distributor of TimeLife books in the Philippines. Adarna House, Tahanan Pacific, Inc., and ABS-CBN Foundation also extended their support to our beneficiary.

CES and AHON Foundation would continue to work together to develop a reading program for the students next year. AHON Foundation Executive Director Harvey S. Keh, former CES Principal Mrs. Bernardita Bautista, PTCA President Richard Sunny Cuevas, and Engr. Ernesto Flores signed a Memorandum of Agreement last November 8.

A good library and brand new books were not the only things we learned from this experience. The project brought the community closer and sparked HOPE that everything is possible with unity and cooperation.

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